The Company

What is Melaleuca?  

Here’s how we would describe it.  Melaleuca is a company that offers an amazing line of products manufactured right in the USA.  These products are safer for your home, environmentally friendly, yet more effective and economical than the national, commercial brands consumers are already buying.   (See more in our [Product Review] section).

Along with being a health and home product manufacturer, Melaleuca also offers the opportunity to improve the lifestyle of their customers by allowing them to team up with the company as “Marketing Executives.”  Potential business builders earn lifetime residual income by recommending others to sign up to use Melaleuca’s products.  (Much like getting paid if someone bought AAA membership per your recommendation).

With over 25 years of positive growth, Melaleuca offers customers flexibility and the potential for earning substantial income from home.

Building a Home Business

For customers looking to add to their current income, Melaleuca offers the opportunity to for customers to use Melaleuca as a source of consistent income.

Privately owned and completely debt free, Melaleuca provides customers with a reliable home based business, with no investment, inventory, selling of products, or collecting money.  With a 95% customer retention rate, Melaleuca is a solid company worth looking into.

While not all members become “Marketing Executives,” (basically the name for business builders), all “Marketing Executives” are themselves customers.  Separate from an MLM company, Melaleuca simply rewards a monthly, lifetime residual to those help others become members of Melaleuca.


Customers who want earn extra income through Melaleuca do so by recommending others to the benefits of a Melaleuca Membership.  For ever membership gained through that “Marketing Execs” recommendation, the Marketing Exec receives a monthly residual.  (Up to 20% of that customer’s recurring monthly online orders, for the life of that customer).

If the customers the Marketing Exec recommended also wants to become business builders, they too earn a monthly residual, and the original Marking Exec earns an additional monthly residual.  (Up to 7% of their customer’s customer order).

In other words, if you as a business builder help someone become a member of Melaleuca, you receive 20% of your customer’s monthly order. Each time your customer then helps someone become a member, you also receives 7% of that order.  At any time a “Marketing Exec” can stop the process, and still receive a monthly residual income for the lifetime of the customers they recommended.

There is no “start up fee” or purchasing of products.  Once you yourself are a member, you are free to recommend (or not recommend) customers at your leisure. (Those serious about building a business do have the opportunity to purchase large product bundles or “Carrier Packs” which are recommended for experiencing a wide range of products first hand).

Like any business, people get out what they put in to it.  Most members will only recommend 1 or 2 customers the entire lifetime of their membership, while simply enjoying the products Melaleuca offers.  Others, however will work hard to achieve a steady income, and as a reward end up earning as much as full time salary, all while working from home.

Overall, Melaleuca provides a solid business opportunity, and the this “word of mouth” format helps keep Melaluca’s manufacturing costs down so more people can enjoy their products.

For more information, see the links below.


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