The Products

It’s always hard to find a company that develops products that are safe for the home, environmentally friendly, and yet significantly less expensive than traditional brands.  Melaleuca does just that by offering their products whole-sale, straight from their manufacturing floor.

Melaleuca offers the same type of household products you will find at Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, or Costco, but because customers shop online wholesale, you save by simply switching stores.

Products include:

• Household cleaners.
• Laundry products.
•Bath and body products.
• Beauty & Cosmetics.
• Skin-Care products.
• Nutritional and Health Products.
• Pharmaceutical products.

Many of the products are highly concentrated (such as laundry a detergent that is 6-8x more concentrated than Tide), which reduces the cost of manufacturing.  The decision to only keep an online presence also keeps the prices down, which in turn saves you money!

Much like a online Costco or Sam’s Club membership, Melaleuca utilizes a “preferred membership” for their customers, with a one-time membership fee of $29.00, and a yearly membership renewal fee of $12.00.

Melaleuca holds to a “product point” system when ordering online, which builds up customer rewards (for free products), and helps simplify the ordering process.  All members enjoy a 100% satisfaction money back grantee, and while there is a monthly minimum order of 35 product points, with over 350 products to choose from, customers see Melaleuca as the perfect replacement to for buying products they are already consistently purchasing elsewhere.


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